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CRM application from RLCFMS

RLCFMS CRM application developed on the latest technology platform for your convenience and improvement

  • Customer satisfaction and needs fulfilment is one of the most important subjects and performance objectives when it comes to the rental and leasing business. Converting one time customer to reoccurring customer is a key element of success.
    The RLCFMS’s CRM application can enable you to connect with your customers in a very professional manner. The CRM application allows you to deal with and serve a wide range of customers such as corporate clients, government sectors as well as individuals. The app enables a smooth flow of information between your business and your clients to provide them with what best fits their purposes.
  • Through understanding your customers’ needs and wants, the CRM application will enable you to provide customized solutions to your clients. The CRM application will track the requirements of a potential client from the moment an effective means of communication is established till the potential client turns into a customer.
    Producing leads and potential customers and being able to follow up each and every case if critical for a company in order to succeed and achieve excellence. With RLCFMS CRM or customer relationship management you can have a complete 360 view of your customer’s data available to you at any time. It is an integrated application with all the ERP suites which allow you to get any required information for a specific customer or group of customers.
  • The CRM application provided by RLCFMS can be integrated with your business website as well as various SMS and Email servers in order for you to reach your clients in whatever way they prefer the most. Through the CRM application, you can even maintain the preferences of your clients starting from their preferred vehicle to the time and place they usually pick their cars. There is also a range of reports available to perform various types of analysis and statistics that would be beneficial to your business and your relationship with your clients in the long run not to mention a dashboard that enables you to have a 360-degree view angle of your business with your customers.
    With RLCFM’s CRM application, the experiences your customers have with you will be memorable and unique.
    Assign tasks to your salesman and follow them up on a daily basis with SMS, emails and various reports. Track all related activities and budgeting figures.