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Rlcfms is the world’s leading multilingual ERP that offers enhanced features to run all types of vehicle rental and leasing companies

Car rental application from RLCFMS

RLCFMS Car Rental application developed on the latest technology platform for your convenience and improvement

  • RLCFMS car rental application either On-Demand or local installation offers the latest technology advanced tools in order to improve the management of your vehicle rental operation. It is a complete solution for managing your vehicles, customers, employees and revenue.
  • RLCFMS – Dashboards, critical data available online any time you need them from any device
    • Cutting edge state of the art analytical and reporting tool for today’s dynamic business needs
    • Visualize and analyze your business data in real time over the web using Dashboard reports which are fully integrated across the ERP applications.
    • Dashboard Reports with interactive real time analysis and drill down of report data.
  • RLCFMS – Car Rental application feauters
    • Real time management with evolutionary customizable dashboards.
    • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Rates.
    • Monthly rate adjustments.
    • Seasonal Rates
    • V. I. P Rate.
    • Rate Package.
    • Mileage Rate.
    • Hour Rate.
    • Rental sales tools.
    • Multi currencies.
    • Complete Car Rental System.
    • Reduced infrastructure costs.
    • Access from any PC and any operating system (Windows, MAC, etc.).
    • Seamless, fast data entry and retrieval - essential at busy locations. Perfect for "occasional" system users, restricted function.
    • Powerful rate and pricing engine.
    • Unlimited Insurance and extras options.
    • Unlimited number of rates.
    • Yield management control.
    • Drive incremental sales and additional revenue.
    • If required a fully hosted service.
    • Improve Customer Service.
  • In today’s world time to complete a transaction is one of the key performance indicator for your company. Customers appreciate and will be returning customers if they experience a timeless car rental activity without any hassle. With RLCFMS car rental application you will be able to complete end to end car rental agreement in under one minute. You will be able to share your client information in your organization and identify their importance to you.
    • RLCFMS car rental application provides your company with the latest cutting edge technology which will allow you to: • Swipe Driver's License and Credit Card.
    • Membership.
    • Scan/Upload License and Passport.
    • Save Unlimited Notes and Activity.
    • Evolutionary 360° Customer View.
    • Send Promotional Email Marketing.
    • Process Credit Card in Real-time.
    • RLCFMS car rental application comes with all the required administrational and financial functions for complete and effective branch management plus a sophisticated variance management system, defined by exception, and equipped with a wide variety of trigger alerts.
    • Any report or alert can be emailed to specific recipients in order to make sure that nothing will fall between the cracks and the controls will always be effective and available at your fingertips
    RLCFMS car rental application includes a rate optimization technology which allows you to have:
    • Multi-currency- Any currency can be converted based on the latest exchange rate for your accounting posting or customer relation.
    • Smart rate assignment using various marketing tools for the rate logic.
    • Optimized rate calculation based on your policies and work flow.
    • Airlines and frequent flier handling.
    • Insurance and extras coverage.
    • Unlimited promotions, memberships, credit cards etc.

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RLCFMS – Rental ERP™

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