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Customer portal application from RLCFMS

RLCFMS customer portal application developed on the latest technology platform for your convenience and improvement

  • Dealing with customers for the day to day operations especially accounting purposes is never easy. Miscommunication, invoices not send, payments not applied to invoices etc. often causes a bottle neck on the rental a car and leasing operations. We are allowing your customer to have the control on all the aspects which he is involved, example to re-print invoices, to request for reservation of a car, to make a reservation for the workshop, to get a lease offer and many more. All the options are completely parametrized and under authorization matrix confirmation so you have the control of the business and the customer is happy for the additional service you provide.
  • With RLCFMS customer portal application you can give to your customer the following options:
    • Access at real time and online from any platform to his account.
    • View, print any of the options you want to provide such as, agreements, contracts, reservations, invoices etc.
    • Create rental reservation.
    • Create a lease quotation.
    • Create a workshop reservation.
    • And many more.