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Fleet management application from RLCFMS

RLCFMS fleet management application developed on the latest technology platform for your convenience and improvement

  • ‘Your assets are your cars’, this statement almost summarizes the importance of an excellent fleet management operation in your company. Managing your cars can be a hustle in the best case scenario. We all know that a proper control over your cars is the difference between achieving your budget and target to a complete failure.
    RLCFMS fleet management application allows you to monitor any aspect of vehicles of your company. From purchase projections, by car group, make and model or any parameter you want to follow, to the final disposal of the vehicle during the sale process.
  • RLCFMS fleet management – maintenance and damages follow up
    Maintenance (periodical, service) is monitored not only by kilometers or number of months based on the last service data but also based on a state of the art artificial intelligent calculation which considers individual customer or driver behavior. It calculates the number of kilometers vs a number of days and sends reminders to your fleet department and/or the customer automatically for the date of the next service. The control is in your hands and not at the customers from the moment you have the information available and accessible at any time.
    Damages are another big chapter on the fleet management and nowadays most of the fleet departments are struggling to follow up especially regarding damage charges to customers, cost from body shops and the insurance claims either partially claims or total loss ones. With our application, all these are monitored and followed online. Damage invoice is automatically generated, insurance claims and email to insurance are automated as well. The claim process is fully integrated and monitored from our application even the final invoice to the insurance company for a total loss vehicle. Deductibles are critical and we monitor them since we had integrated into the process. You can automatically charge deductibles to the customer or deduct the deductibles from the insurance claim.
  • RLCFMS fleet management application features
    • The projection for new vehicles purchased (rental and limo drive).
    • Order New Vehicles.
    • Order new accessories.
    • Purchase Order Follow Up and control.
    • Accessories purchase order follow up and completion.
    • Attach and detach accessories to a specific vehicle.
    • Vehicle preparation process.
    • Reconciliation (Invoices vs. Purchase Orders).
    • Create new Vehicles.
    • The monitor of each vehicle by continuously tracking its utilization and associated maintenance and damage costs, the vehicle management reporting tools allow optimal fleet planning and ROI for each vehicle type.
    • Vehicle Utilization Graph.
    • Rich Featured reservation vs availability Planner.
    • Tax and Charges by Vehicle Class.
    • Fuel Management.
    • E-mail Functionalities.
    • SMS integrated functions.
    • Fleet availability.
    • Fleet projection reports.
    • Fleet utilization.
    • Nonrevenue transfers.
    • Vehicles at workshops.
    • Depreciation with different calculation methods.
    • Interest rate calculation.
    • Insurance amortization.

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RLCFMS – Fleet Management ERP™

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