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RLCFMS Website Terms of Use and Legal Notices

Your privacy is important to us

  • The last year’s internet accessibility and potentials had increased exponential. You are able with few clicks to visit websites, read news, buy products online, download files etc.

    We are proud to say that we put a lot of effort on a regular basis in order to help our customers to retain their privacy. Your privacy is very important to us. We will protect the information you share or send to us. We follow different principles and applied the latest security protocols regarding data protection and customer privacy.

    We will never sell or give away your information including but not limited to, email address, names, phone numbers, credit card numbers or any kind of information to anyone.


  • We will request your identification information (email address, phone numbers etc.) in the following cases: A. If you are registering to use our ERP solutions as a service (hosting).
    B. If you are subscribing to our newsletters.
    C. If you contact us by using the contact form in the www.rlcfms.com website.
    D. Download any free material / application.
    In case you choose not to register to any of our services you can still use our website anonymously and you can still use most of ourwww.rlcfms.com We are using your information in order to A. Improve our website and provide the best possible experience to you.
    B. Create a relevant content in our website which will be easier for you.
    C. Notify you regarding new products, options, subscriptions etc.


  • If you are a registered user we will provide you with the options to ensure that your personal information is updated and correct. You will have the option to update / modify any information about you and / or your company.


  • In case you believe that for any reason RLCFMS is not according to the stated on this section principles please do not hesitate and contact us by e-mail info@rlcfms.com , and we will do our best to determine and correct the problem promptly.