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Marketing for rental and leasing bussines

  • Marketing and growing a rent a car business is not as simple as marketing a product since you are actually want to do marketing of your services. That makes it more difficult since the rent a car and leasing business is homogenous and there are small differentiations in terms of features, benefits, and/or quality.
  • This is the main reason rental a car and leasing industry is operating on the basis of price and availability in the majority of the cases. Existing customer which knows your prices and services based on their budget will approach your company. Getting new customer and keeping them is the hard part.
  • The main question here is how market a rent a car and leasing company? Which strategies to use in order to grow and prosper?
  • We had helped companies do exactly this by implementing the following strategies:
    • Create a brand name of your company.
    • Offer outstanding services to your existing customers.
    • Keep your existing customers and use them as reference.
    • Have online presence.
    • Invest in SEO and mobile applications.
    • Make reservation or booking process as simple as possible.
    • Allow online offers to be requested and checked from customers.
    • Email and SMS market segments and targets customers.
    • Analyze your competition.
    • Create and drive the change in your business.