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Rlcfms is the world’s leading multilingual ERP that offers enhanced features to run all types of vehicle rental and leasing companies

Car leasing application from RLCFMS

RLCFMS Car Leasing application developed on the latest technology platform for your convenience and improvement

  • It’s all about service and on time delivery of the contracted items when it comes to a leasing or tender contracts. RLCFMS car leasing application can work either way on a parametrized and integrated way from the initial stages of the offer up to the lease agreement or contract completion. All operations including finance are included in the RLCFMS car leasing application.
  • RLCFMS – Dashboards, critical data available online any time you need them from any device
    • Cutting edge state of the art analytical and reporting tool for today’s dynamic business needs
    • Visualize and analyze your business data in real time over the web using Dashboard reports which are fully integrated across the ERP applications.
    • Dashboard Reports with interactive real time analysis and drill down of report data.
    o Operational dashboards.
    o Sales dashboards.
    o Dashboards based on your organization reporting tools which can be developed at the spot.
  • RLCFMS car leasing application features
    • Online and always updated lease offers or quotations.
    • Online bidding offers and tender quotations.
    • Parametrized and modifiable approval process and policies.
    • Credit analysis with one or multiple credit committee members.
    • Parametrized approval stages of any action of the lease offer or quotation.
    • Profitability reports by lease quotation, vehicle, customer, group and many more.
    • IRR, ROI and many more financial factors calculation and print.
    • Integrated fleet management following up from the order of the vehicle up to the disposal process.
    • Integrated purchase order process for any item required to be purchased (cars, accessories, office equipment etc.).
    • Pre-lease cars process as well as bridging cars.
    • Lease replacements, deliveries and receiving cars to customers • Damages and maintenance process.
    • Modifiable printouts of the lease quotation based on your requirements.
    • Reverse lease calculation.
    • Complete workflow mapping options according to your policies and procedures.
  • RLCFMS car lease invoicing revolutionary approach
    Meeting customer requirements and needs especially when it comes to the leasing invoicing process is sometimes a complicated and impossible task.
    Our application not only allows you invoice with completely different parameters, in advance, past, monthly, anniversary, split billing, by contract, by agreement, by division, department etc. it also allows you to select the exact print out which your customers want to receive at the end of the month.
    We will train your employees in order for them to be able to create an invoice print out according to the different requirements in any language. Invoices can be printed, send by email in a form of a summary or individually.
    Export to accounting application is also modifiable as well based on the accounting software your company is using. We have interfaces with almost all the major account software such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and many more.
    Automated emails to the accounting department and any other employee you want for following up any of the lease operation aspects.
    Customers can have access to the application via the customer portal application and check any item of their contract, vehicles, invoices etc. they can even request a service reservation, car rental reservation, reprint any document needed. All these are fully parametrized and you can add options or remove based on your requirements.

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RLCFMS – Rental ERP™

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