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Rlcfms is the world’s leading multilingual ERP that offers enhanced features to run all types of vehicle rental and leasing companies

RLCFMS affortable cost effective ERP solutions for the automotive industry

Multiple affordable options and pricing schemes

  • RLCFMS offers multiple pricing options allows your organization to select the exact “package” according to your needs. We are always supporting our customers to achieve the best results in terms of their budget and targets. RLCFMS ERP application are web bases applications which means a user can access it over the internet with any internet browser.
  • Being able to provide hosting solutions for any of our ERP application suites we help our customers saving from investment in hardware and software requirements.
  • If our customers require to have a local installation of our ERP applications then our team of experts can help achieve the best solution available, from the hardware requirements and procurement site to the full cycle of the installation, training and support.
  • Constant training and support of our customers is one of the things which separate us from our competitors. Online training and support saves our customers huge amounts from traveling, accommodation and other costs involved.
  • All new development, updates and new versions release are done in our servers or by the close monitoring and guidance of our support team in order to ensure as minimum as possible requirements in working hours from our customers.
  • Step into the future, contract us by clicking in the contact link or chat with us online. We will be happy to help you identify your needs and assist you in improving your business.