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Management reporting application from RLCFMS

RLCFMS management reporting application developed on the latest technology platform for your convenience and improvement

  • Quoting a famous saying from the 80’s ‘Information is power’. Today this is a critical aspect which can separate success from failure. This is the main reason of which a company is in need of an MIS application.
  • A management reporting system or MIS is essentially a mechanism for monitoring the performance of a company. This performance usually is defined by a plan in terms of: the desired company’s structure, the company’s goals and targets, and the results.
  • RLCFMS management reporting application is an application which helps employees see and understand their company’s data. There is no limit on the number of data which have to be analyzed as well as created schedules.
    Take control of your business by using our application with fast data analysis based on pre-formatted layouts or simply create the one which is easier for you to follow.
  • Create at any time at your convenience without the need of programing knowledge your own set of reports or dashboards which can be accessible only from your account or any account you want to assign. Receive reports by email directly to your inbox on a schedule basis.
    Data are available at any time online and can be accessed from any platform and you can share them wither by email or exporting to various file formats such as pdf, xls, etc.